Tuning I.T services for U.K Property













A lot of I.T is not responding quick enough to business demands

We have found that most systems within the property sector are failing to respond quickly enough to the main issues and real demands of business.

This delay causes needless frustration for surveyors who have no choice but to work with technology which is often worse than they can use at home.

Not only are the facilities out of step with modern working practices but they are often tied down by central I.T control.

This bureaucracy can stifle innovation and is tiresome to have to deal with day after day.

Not only does performance suffer but I.T budgets are continuing to be supported by savings made from staff redundancies. Technology before people cannot be the right way to grow.

Fortunately the opportunity to modernise and change this situation is now possible.

Successful businesses across all sectors are deploying technology which is returning more control to business management.

These 'software as a service' systems are delivered over the internet, can be quickly configured and then used on a 'pay as you go' basis.

Businesses such as Jaguar-Land Rover, Rentokill, Siemens and the Royal Mail have all achieved more control with better, cheaper services.

The ability to quickly change services, turn them on or off whenever needed, and access them from anywhere is bringing new freedoms.

The term 'Cloud' computing is used to describe this new approach. The team at Tacklers can easily show you what opportunities are available for the commercial property sector.